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When Your Company Culture Is Positive, Your Employees Can Make You Cry

We rarely use this blog to talk about how awesome we are, but we just need to share this! Last week our HR manager sent out an email to some employees asking for little blurbs about working at WorkStride for our LinkedIn careers page, which was sorely lacking in personality. The outpouring of positivity she received within just hours of sending the email brought tears to her eyes. We are proud to share these insights to show that not only do we help our customers build great cultures and engaged workforces, but we work on building a great place to work within our own walls each and every day.

“Working at WorkStride, I find that I have and continue to feel very fulfilled, both personally and professionally. It is a rare and invaluable experience working with a team of such brilliant and creative minds, especially in an environment that has such a strong cultivation of collaboration and innovation. In my experience, there is a great deal of room to grow as an individual, as well as have a significant and real contribution to your peers’ and company’s success. The future is very bright at WorkStride, and I’m very fortunate to be a part of it!”

Gabe S. – Software Developer

“The culture here encourages creativity and progression. There is simply no room for monotony or stagnation. There are moments I am a designer, others where I am trafficking workflow, enhancing code, brainstorming on the best UI, the list goes on. The variety of the day to day provides the intellectual challenge and stimulation I need to engage and return the best solution possible.

There is also a culture of empowerment. The future of this company really belongs to its employees. There isn’t a slew of policy and red tape to go through to make a change in how we go about our daily tasks. The leaders not only ask for solutions from their employees, they encourage it. Our company mission and goals were authored by the employees. To enhance our product, we got together and submitted our input on features and functions we believe will give the best experiences to our customers, many of which have been implemented. Good ideas are valued.”

Eloy O. – UI/UX Manager

“The WorkStride work culture is super fun! Our company has great core values and plenty of room for growth. WorkStride is very customer focused, while being employee friendly.”

Geeta M. – Customer Service Representative

“WorkStride has the great combination of a fun and relaxed environment that is still fast-paced and entrepreneurial. We’re growing quickly but are still small enough that a single person can make an impact quickly if they roll their sleeves up and dive into the action. It also helps that we work in the Empire State Building and get to enjoy the amazing views every day!”

Meredith F. – Marketing Manager

“Fully stocked kitchen. Flexible vacation/sick time. A committee dedicated to fun. More than all the perks, what truly makes WorkStride’s culture great is the people I have the pleasure of working with every day. WorkStride has some of the brightest, most fun, and most inspiring people. Surrounding myself with this type of team only guarantees success for the future of my career.”

Mark W. – Enterprise Sales Executive

“First thing I noticed when I started here was the feeling that you are not only expected to grow, but encouraged to grow as an employee. Week by week, I am told things that they want to have occur in the future and how you will play a part in that. There is never a time where you don’t feel that you will be a part of the team.”

Yogesh P. – QA Test Engineer

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