WorkStride Technology & Security

Enjoy program data and technology that is safe, scalable, and powerful.

Leading flexible technology sitting on the world's more secure hosting infrastructure.

WorkStride goes beyond by providing the flexibility, scalability, and security that you and your program participants deserve. Our technology, data, and security standards are best-in-class, and our AWS hosting environment ensures top reliability of program performance and security.

Award-Winning Technology and Security


Flexible Platform

WorkStride's SaaS-enabled, multi-tenant technology backbone provides each program with robust capabilities matched with flexibility and customization, responsive across devices.


AWS Hosted

Your programs and data are hosted on the world-leader in technology infrastructure, security, and performance, Amazon Web Services.


Data Compliant

Enjoy peace of mind with top tech and data compliance, like SOC 2, PCI, and GDPR. Our incident response policy ensures multiple tiers of security protocol.



WorkStride's data management framework creates a secure environment for sensitive program information, while providing administrators accessibility to assets as needed.



WorkStride's technology and data capabilities span the world, including international program access, data collection, global payments, tax administration.



Our reporting infrastructure provides each program with rich and structured visualization of what's happening in your program with reporting and analytics.

Powerful Proprietary Technology in Your Hands

Beneath each unique WorkStride client program lives a robust and highly-configurable platform, enabling powerful automation, flex, and simple means to run complex program operations. At the foundation, programs sit on a best-in-class AWS-hosted data infrastructure ensuring security, availability, and scalability.

WorkStride Reward and Engagement Solutions

Provide Seamless User Experience Across Devices

WorkStride program user experiences are responsive across devices including mobile and tablet, providing out-of-pocket access to participants on the go. 

Access Data When You Need it, How You Need it

Each client program provides clear windows into program operations and performance- from standard tabular reports, to ad-hoc custom reports, to robust analytics displaying charts and trends of how your program is performing. Monitor key performance indicators like program usage activity, submission, payouts, tax, and so much more.

Cross Borders with Ease

WorkStride technology empowers enterprises to cover their global footprint, wherever it may lead. Your programs can flex to local languages, currency conversions, acclimate to standard parity, and incorporate targeted local redemption options.

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