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Service Awards, Years of Service, Milestone Recognition, Birthday and Anniversary Recognition.

With more than 20 world-leading healthcare clients, WorkStride is a leader in caregiver recognition and engagement.  Our solutions blend together healthcare-specific features and  our 23 years of vertical-specialized healthcare recognition program experience – all to benefit leading healthcare systems and their staff with winning recognition programs.

Drive Engagement How you Need it with Healthcare Recognition

Employee Recognition is not a one-size-fits-all solution that works for every industry vertical. Healthcare systems that are managing culture and engagement within a fast-paced, often segmented, and highly mobilized hospital environment require an out-of-the-box approach. At WorkStride, we understand that. 

We combine our flexible platform design with in-depth healthcare knowledge and experience to develop our healthcare recognition solutions – a proprietary set of flexible healthcare-specific engagement solutions designed for delivering an optimal caregiver and patient experience.

Proven Healthcare Solutions

For more than two decades, our solutions have served major hospital networks with tailored recognition programs, including Service Awards, Spot Awards, Social Recognition, Patient Recognition, and more.

True Caregiver Experience

Caregivers don't get a generic program experience; they gain strategic program design, usability, and features uniquely engineered to appeal to them -- from technology, to rewards, and more.

Flexible Platform Technology

Our configurable and scalable software platform empowers healthcare recognition programs to exist in one environment.

Patient Experience

Patients are an extension of employee engagement. Gain control over the patient experience with key tools to generate patient feedback and staff recognitions.

Program Design and Management

Our experienced team helps you build and run your program from day one. We work to understand your specific program goals and needs, workflows, budget controls, and other unique details to create your winning design.

Program Services and Improvement

All managers are trained and well prepared before program launch, as well as provided with site user manuals. Other professional services optimize your program, foster communication, and drive engagement.

Healthcare Employee Recognition

All of Your Programs Under One Roof


Service Awards and Milestones

WorkStride provides the tools you need to seamlessly reward employees for years of service, birthdays, and other milestones. Our event calendar and administrative tools give you the ability to automate and manage the specifications of the tiers, reward types, notifications, reporting, and the rewards themselves – whether you choose cards, digital rewards, or more tangible rewards.


Bulk Awards

We enable organizations to seamlessly and instantly issue motivating rewards across defined groups – for events, holidays, occasions, or however you see fit. Administrators enjoy the benefit of avoiding burdensome spreadsheets and the busywork of dealing with fulfillment partners. Users love the ability to instantly earn and redeem desirable awards.


Social Recognition

Our programs drive engagement and empower strong work connections through impactful social tools like achievement badges, e-cards, and tailored messages. This non-monetary recognition boosts engagement and can help your organization drive positive interactions that support company culture. You may choose to broadcast awards, recognition, and other good news through a live social feed that allows fellow employees to see, “like,” comment on, and share their peers' experiences.


Spot Rewards

On-the-spot rewards are easily issued through a simple-to-use spot tool, which makes it easy to pull up a user, choose the award type and denomination, and send a custom message. Your company and leaders decide on the budgets and can authorize certain users to issue on-the-spot rewards to individuals or groups. Workflows, approvals, and other rules can be customized to fit specific needs to take the burden off program administrators.


Peer-Peer Rewards

Recognition shouldn’t come solely from the top; with WorkStride, recognition can come from all directions. When you provide meaningful reward exchanges and award nominations between employees, you promote company-wide encouragement, strong personal bonds, and good culture. You can choose to issue budgets to all or some users to add an exciting peer-to-peer rewards element to your program.


Rewardable Challenges

Choose to include unique programs that encourage achievement of desired actions, such as wellness, training, safety, or other goal achievements. Incorporating rewardable events and personal milestones leverages your recognition program to drive the behaviors that achieve meaningful goals.

Nurse Recognition Programs

Spark Cultural Connections with Social Engagement

Foster cultural connections in an increasingly diverse healthcare workforce. Each WorkStride program experience is paved with the right mix of elements that connect and engage teams, such as profiles, social stream, interactive modules, and communications, among others.

Increase Staff and Patient Satisfaction

Research has shown that increases in hospital staff satisfaction lead to decreased medical errors along with clear improvements in patient satisfaction, HCAHPS, and reimbursements. WorkStride programs foster an experience of daily recognition that helps staff feel more acknowledged, appreciated, and engaged at work.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Caregiver Retention

Improve Caregiver Retention

As the sector with the second-highest turnover rate on record, healthcare systems spend millions of dollars a year dealing with the churn and recruitment of new roles. WorkStride gives you the tools to visualize gaps in engagement that lead to churn, as well as proven systems and solutions that help contend with it.

Boost Staff Productivity and Results

Productivity is a key healthcare challenge, especially with unexpected capacity surges or times of limited staff. Key program features like achievement recognition and rewardable challenges help healthcare administrators take more control over staff productivity and results.

WorkStride Employee Recognition

Integrated Patient Recognition Capability


Patient Recognition That's Easy and Mobile

Patients and families can easily recognize caregivers from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop – and it takes just seconds.

WorkStride “Finds” the Caregiver

Use the program to “find” the caregiver that the patient has recognized and match that caregiver to the award.

Patient Recognition That's Easy and Mobile

Patients and families can easily recognize caregivers from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop – and it takes just seconds.

Award-Winning Client Programs

Spreading “CHeeRS” to Drive Engagement at Cone Health

Cone Health, a leading healthcare system with more than 13,000 employees, had a key goal: encouraging engagement on a deeper and individual level for specific actions that exemplify organizational values and commitments. Another goal for the program was bringing more visibility to important events such as staff birthdays, anniversaries, and other company happenings. WorkStride’s solution? the Cone Health CHeeRS program.
The new CHeeRS program gained momentum powered by peer-peer rewards, service and milestone recognition, company event communication, administrative control, and flexibility. This resulted in daily recognitions and engagement that exceeded expectations and results.

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RPI award winner for Program Flexibility

Reviving Recognition at Orlando Health

Orlando Health, a leading healthcare network with more than 15,000 system-wide employees, wanted to revitalize a paper-based recognition program that was 30 years old. The group had recently upgraded its standards of behavior and needed a fresh new approach for rolling the standards out to employees.

By leveraging WorkStride’s technology solutions and industry-specific best practice recommendations, Orlando Health was outfitted with its tailor-fit Applause Central. The program aligned rewards with Orlando’s core PROMISE standards, and included non-monetary “Kudos” awards for social engagement. Administrators post inspiring stories about Orlando Health “champions” on the Applause Central home page. Program achievements include:


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Hospital Employee Award Program

Improving Engagement at Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic is an Ohio-based healthcare network with more than 68,000 employees. The group wanted to re-energize its employee engagement with a new centralized solution – one that could be delivered quickly and would foster strong inter-company communication, program engagement, results measurement, and future scalability. Working together, Cleveland Clinic and WorkStride built a solution that incorporated key objectives to bring the ideal program to life.

The program includes elements of Peer-Peer Recognition (non-monetary), Manager Recognition (rewards), Quarterly & Annual Nominations (cash/rewards), Patient Recognition (non-monetary), and new tax-compliant Service Recognition. It went on to become an influential award-winning model in healthcare with exceptional results in engagement. Program achievements include:

Reward and Recognition Software
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of Recognition Professionals International awards in: Strategy, Communications, Training, Measurements, Flexibility.

The Healthcare Recognition Playbook

An inclusive resource on caregiver recognition, engagement, and patient experience.
Healthcare Employee Recognition Playbook

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