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WorkStride is a leader in sales incentive programs for the Automotive Industry. With more than 70 leading OEM enterprise incentive clients, we provide the dedicated reward solutions, technology, and expertise to create winning programs that you and your audiences deserve, whether they’re dealers, distributors, service centers, or other key partners.

Incentivize. Engage. Motivate.

Companies that are in the business of manufacturing vehicles and automotive parts are working in a fast-paced, rapidly changing market environment. Sales incentive programs for the automotive industry benefit from advanced audience targeting, product-based promotions, and crucial speed to execution on new incentives.

With indirect channels of dealers, distributors, and service centers who oversee the last elements of the sale, it’s imperative to instill awareness, loyalty, engagement, training and excitement in program participation.  

From automobiles and excavators to the parts and tires that move them, WorkStride supports major automotive OEM brands to create an impactful, customized, and personalized program experience for users. Bridge the gap between you and your channel, inclusive of SPIFFs, Rebates, Contests, Training, MDF/COOP, and other incentives that fit your unique requirements. An unforgettable incentive program experience assures engagement, communication, sales capture and validation, reporting, training and education, and much more.

“Sales incentive programs for the automotive industry need to stand out. Auto Dealers and Service Centers need an engaging and interactive program experience in order to gain the mindshare and loyalty needed to influence the last few feet of the sale.”

Key Pillars of Program Success

Program Experience

Each program involves an intuitive and responsive site design for participants. This includes a company-branded experience that can be personalized and segmented to individual participants and groups.

Engagement and Communication

Blended into each program are exciting engagement modules and features that motivate continued and repeat participation. Personalized communications boost knowledge, mindshare, and loyalty.

Audience Personalization

Create audience groups directly within the program using any user data inputs desired. Target the entire program experience to groups, including specific programs, SPIFFs, content, communications, and permissions.

Sales Programs and SPIFFs

Sales incentives, contests, and SPIFFs can be as simple or complex as desired, and involve any mix of audiences, tiers, products, rewardable transactions, and behaviors, etc. Incentives have engaging design, tracking, and widgets, among other features.

Payout Processing and Rewards

Claims can be collected through various mediums for validation and payout via points or dollar value, and are processed at industry-leading speeds. Rewards can be redeemed for options you choose to include in the program, such as Visa, ACH, gift cards, merchandise, and/or others.

Insights and Reporting

Detailed reporting is available for both participants and administrators. Participants see their own results, while administrators see holistic reporting and analytics for overall program performance. Unique reporting access can be permissioned program roles like managers, leaders, distributor administrators, or others.

WorkStride Reward and Engagement Solutions

With The Right Solutions, Everything is Possible

Our mission is to provide clients with a best-of-both-worlds sales incentive program experience –  providing the expert consultative approach of an agency, but backed by the industry-leading proprietary technology of a software company.  

Rather than box you into rigid software, or reinvent the wheel with custom builds, we blend our powerful platform backbone with our unique ability to configure and customize a solution to your exact specifications. That’s why more than 150 of the world’s leading enterprises choose WorkStride.

Earn Loyalty and Mindshare from Automotive Selling Partners

Gain valuable mindshare and loyalty among dealers, service centers, and other auto and automotive part resellers. Foster a centralized program experience to host all of your channel programs, education, communication, content, and more.

Stand Out with Exciting Gamification and Engagement

Break out of uninspiring payout programs and stand out with exciting and rich program features. Incorporate trackers, progress meters, and other visual stimulants that enrich the user experience and inspire repeat participation.

Collect Sales and Run Payouts Quickly and Efficiently

Sales and purchases could be collected through multiple mediums, including data integrations with third-part systems, and even direct program submission for validation and payout.

Memorable Rewards Experience​

In reward programs, choice is key. WorkStride continually tracks user values, shows them the rewards available and allows them to seamlessly choose the rewards that appeal to them most.

You can choose to include any combination or redemption options in the programs reward assortment, like Visas, gift cards, ACH, checks, merchandise, experiences, or more. 

The Channel Incentives Strategy Playbook

Learn the best practices in strategic program design to Evaluate, Enroll, Engage, Educate, Elevate channel partners.
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With the Right Solutions, Everything is Possible.

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