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Leveraging Your Rewards Program for COVID-19 Communication and Awareness

COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus is having an impact at every aspect of society, including business. As such, organizations around the world are responding quickly by developing communication management plans to help inform their company constituents of the threats, needs, and risks associated with the pandemic.

Here are a few key ways in which you can utilize your company’s reward program in your communication planning as an impactful medium to reach employees and partners.

Breakdown Your Audience

Segments of your population may have characteristics that differ than others and, as a result, may require unique messaging. Before executing on communication, understand the groups communication will be sent to. Your program likely has ways of segmenting and targeting communications in various ways. Leverage this personalization to communicate COVID-19 related information specifically by country, region, division, user type (direct vs. partner), etc.

Use Program as a Communication Platform

Any and all areas of your reward program, traditionally used to communicate company developments, can be leveraged to communicate key company messaging around COVID-19. A letter from HR or the CEO is useful to show employees, partners, or other program participants that you have them in mind, as well as pass along pertinent information relating to COVID-19, the companies actions in response, and more.

Within WorkStride, the central area to host and link to key communication most visible to the user would be Highlights, featured at the top of the participants homepage. Upload a banner for your communication, link, and target to relevant audience members of the program.

Host Useful Content and Information

If your program contains areas to host files, it is a great communication tool to pass along necessary company information related to COVID-19. Any FAQs, data sheets, or other HR related resources that are sent to program users outside of the program, could also be hosted within it for easy access and download.

Within WorkStride, leverage Toolkit, which provides the ability to host files and target to audience members.

Host Useful and Credible Links

Along with content, persuade employees and partners to stay vigilant and follow the latest news and recommendation from credible sources like the CDC or Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Resource Center.

Such information can help employees and partners keep up with the latest information they need to stay safe and healthy and receive answers to questions they may have. Hosting links in visible sections of your program will help promote attention to the right resources to stay safe during tumultuous times.

Keep Communicating

Initial communication to stakeholders on the concerning spread of the virus is just the start. Continue communicating as things progress. Let your audiences know what new steps your company has taken to help protect them becoming exposed the virus. Stay in touch with developing information on your company, business impacts, precautions, and more.

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