The Healthcare Employee Recognition Playbook

Companies throughout the world have learned the extraordinary value of employee recognition programs to reward and retain their staff, as well as to attract new employees. Within the healthcare industry, where success is largely dependent on the quality of care provided by staff, the significance and impact of recognition becomes even greater. Today, healthcare networks face unprecedented challenges, including hospitals filled to capacity, rising demands for quality of care, and limited resources — while at the same time grappling with historically low operating budgets and costs that continue to rise. Although enhancing employee recognition is by no means a cure-all for these formidable challenges, more and more leading hospital systems are adopting formal programs in an effort to retain employees and keep productivity flowing.

In this important Employee Recognition Playbook, we will cover the following:

  • Why Recognize? Why employee recognition is so important
  • Objectives – The CARES Concept Highly successful healthcare recognition programs often contain five key points: Celebrate, Acknowledge, Reward, Engage, and Survey 
  • Successful Strategies for Hospital Recognition How to put the CARES concept to work for your healthcare organization
  • Results – Measuring Success Indicators of a program’s effectiveness
  • Optimization – Good to Great Methods The top five factors to ensure consistent, increasing success of your recognition programs
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