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Building a Cost-Effective Global Recognition Program

An international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 125 countries needed help with recognizing its 13,000 employees.

The Problems

  • Despite more than 15% of its employee population being globally located, prior to signing on with CorporateRewards the company had sent only one recognition award to an employee outside of the US in the prior year. The global population had been excluded because of the high cost of shipping rewards overseas.
  • Global employees could not send and receive recognition in their own currency across international lines.
  • In the US, the company also found that it was paying a high markup on reward items from a limited catalog.
  • They were also having difficulty controlling spend across its many locations and managers.

The Solution

WorkStride designed a global recognition program with the following features:

  • Vouchers for employees in other countries that allowed them to be rewarded and shop in their home currency at local retailers. It also eliminated the concerns about high shipping costs.
  • Retail value rewards for US-based employees so the client could be assured they were getting the most for their rewards spend.
  • Integration with multiple HR systems to receive employee data feeds and provide payroll information from across the globe.
  • Budgeting tools that allowed administrators to allocate funds to the managers and departments that needed it most using simple dropdown functionality.

The Results

  • Today, the client includes all of its global employees in its AppreciatingU recognition program. Even a single employee on the Island of Diego Garcia participates regularly!
  • The company saves upwards of 35% on its US-based rewards.
  • Employees have expressed greater satisfaction with the wider selection.
  • Due to its improved accessibility and function, program usage went up by 40% over the old program.

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