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Automating Sales Incentives for a Telecommunications Giant

An international telecommunications firm with revenues of over $40 billion was manually creating promotions and disbursing monetary rewards to thousands of dealer sales representatives across the US.

The Problems

  • Too much time to create promotions and verify sales
  • High rate of error caused by manual processes
  • Inability to track program participants and their activity
  • No efficient reporting mechanisms in place to measure ROI

The Solution

WorkStride built a platform that automated processes for both administrators and participants, featuring:

  • Contest creator that allowed administrators to build promotions within just a few clicks and communicate them to select groups
  • Sales widget for entry on the fly with built-in fraud detection based on sales data supplied by the client
  • Real-time leaderboard
  • Automated text message notifications to participants
  • Comprehensive reporting that shows sales by region, sales manager, store location, etc. down to individual registered participants and compares them to contest spend

The Results:

  • 23% increase in sales with more consistent and effective implementation of the program throughout dealer locations
  • Contest creation time went from more than an hour to 10 minutes
  • Automated fraud checking saved hours of manual work each month while ensuring 35% fewer mistakes
  • Reporting allowed the client to make smarter decisions on promotional spend based on ROI analysis

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